70th Birthday Party FINANCES

This page will be updated as we get closer to our event.  It is important, though, that classmates realize that the "extras" that make our events very special is 100% because of classmate DONATIONS for additional funds and/or supplies.

The cost of a class event includes not only the cost for food, but costs for facilities, music, decorations, name tags, programs, mailing, website and special events to name a few.

We are proud to offer our 70th Birthday Party at a cost to our classmates that ONLY relates to each person's food cost.  All other expenses will be paid for from individual donations from our classmates.  The Class of '65 is grateful to have so many persons able and willing to help support our Class Treasury and events.

Those who have donated in the past, we are thankful and continue to use your funds responsibily.  Those of you considering a future donation, please know how grateful we are to have your support in offering high quality, reasonably priced Class of '65 events!