Class Notes 

Save the Date for our 55th Reunion

Friday, JUNE 26 - Saturday, JUNE 27


Reunion Registration-Sign up is tentatively scheduled to be sent to you in early April.  As soon as it becomes available, it will also be posted on this website for download if desired.  

Questions about the Reunion may be sent to our class email <>

Countdown till we party again!

Welcome back to our website!  After a brief "rest" the site has been updated in several sections.


Class Notes Section:   Includes Reunion information and some new classmate news.

Reunion Section:  In addition to highlights of past gatherings, we've added some photos from our 70th Birthday Party as well as information on our next reunion coming this June 2020!

Classmates Section:  Our Directory, Deceased Classmates, Missing Classmates and Veterans pages have been updated with MANY changes.  If you notice any errors or omissions, please contact us through our class email

History Section: The "Visit Vacationland" page has been updated.  There is so much to see and do, much NEW excitement in the area, you must check it out!

Class Finances: Updated information as available

Thanks to the generous donations of classmates we are in a position to continue to connect with the SHS Class of 1965 through our own class website.  

Classmates in the News

Tell us if you or a classmate has celebrated something special, traveled to an interesting place or been honored with a tribute.  Let's stay connected online. 

 please share info & photos <>



Hank and his wife Janet continue to travel the world!  Here are some photos from their December travels to ANTARCTICA!  The "Arctic Polar Plunge" is championed by our one and only "Henry".... oh how does he do it?!  He must share his story at our upcoming Reunion.  

"ALL HAIL THE BLUE AND WHITE...."  Hank ran into fellow SHS grad, Chris Panning Lakus (1970) on his very small cruise ship in Antarctica.  Guess it really is a "small world"!



Norm and his wife, Lori, had a great week with all the fanfare of the Academy Awards. They enjoyed lots of parties and events with a special highlight of attending Elton John's Viewing Party for the Academy Awards.


Looks like they rubbed elbows with lots of stars, including Steven Tyler and Martin Short.... but we think the real "stars" were Norm and Lori! (and we really like the fact that they found a spectacular car to "pose" with.... now that's just fun!)

Bea travels mostly between Huron and Kelleys Island and it's proven to be a wonderful setting for her to enjoy her 50th Wedding Anniversary  with her husband, John, children and grandchildren.

Special moments are not measured in miles or events, but in the smiles they create for us.  And the SHS Class of 1965 is filled with smiles... please share some of your moments with us!

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