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On March 17, 2020 (St. Patrick's Day) our 55th Reunion scheduled for June was CANCELLED due to nationwide concerns over the Coronavirus.  In the "Spirit" that our Class of '65 is known for, the absence of an in-person Reunion will not stand in our way of connecting with classmates.       Welcome to our "Virtual 55th Reunion".  Please enjoy!  

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Joining "Streaky" as our Class Mascot...welcome "Spirit" our 55th Reunion Mascot.  Born on the day we had to cancel our 55th in-person reunion, he exists to demonstrate that the Class of '65 will meet the challenges and celebrate our Class as we've done for the past 55 years!

Now let's just STROLL (scroll) through the Program...

55th reunion program


Welcome: get in the spirit and click on some background music

Celebration Blessing: 

May you always have
A sunbeam to warm you
Good luck to charm you
And a sheltering angel
So nothing can harm you
Laughter to cheer you
Faithful friends near you
And whenever you pray
Heaven to hear you.
The SHS Class of 1965 celebrates you, your life and your history

06 - Let's Twist Again (Rerecorded)Chubby Checker


1. Hometown Updates: a Renaissance to be proud of

2. School Tours: how our Alma Mater looks today

3. The Good Ole Days: remembering places, people & events

If "Twist" music still playing, go back and turn it OFF before starting "The Good Ole Days".


4. Tribute to SHS '65 Veterans: grateful for your service

5. A Moment for Remembrance: our deceased classmates


Dessert: enjoy a tasty memory

Class Gift: ...something to consider

Closing: ...until we meet again

As we conclude our "virtual" 55th Class Reunion it is hoped that you've enjoyed this opportunity to connect once again with our "Sandusky Roots".  Reunions are those special opportunities to share memories that only we as a group can truly share.  Those personal touches of hearing laughter, dance partners, hugs and handshakes are missed but our bonds remain.

This would be a perfect opportunity for you to visit our Class Directory (see tab at top for Classmates) to find a phone number or email address to send a quick hello to another classmate or two.  If the pandemic we've been enduring as done anything, for many it has reset one's personal priorities.  Those little things count especially if it might be a call or message from an old friend. SHARE YOUR SPIRIT!

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