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September 18-20 Weekend Reunion Celebration

Remember you can view in full screen by clicking icon at 

Memories from the 50th

Memories from the 50th
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Play Video


Click to see video from the Reunion Weekend!

If viewing video from phone, go to dots in top right corner of video frame to access Saturday and Sunday videos from reunion

After you start PLAY, remember to hover over the Progress Bar at bottom on video. It will let you pause for longer viewing, plus it will allow you to view video full screen.

50th Reunion Committee


Post-reunion there are many 

"shout-outs" that need to be made. 

While there is always an risk of complimenting one and unintentionally leaving someone else out,.. we're going to do our best to put the spotlight on some classmates who helped contribute to the special qualities of our reunion.  This list is in addition to the many classmates who have donated money or provided discounts to our class and are already listed as fundraising "Patrons" 


Planning Committee

Mike Bailey, Karen Edwards-Rutger, Cathy Gentry-Platte, Judy Lewis-Corso, Jim Jackson, Kathy Silcox Holmes, Bea Smith-Van Meter, Annette Tomich-RiestererCarol Young-Fosco


Classmate Search, Directory

Bea Smith-Van Meter


Class Communications, Email

Carol Young-Fosco


Reunion Budget, Fundraising, Registrations

Bea Smith-Van Meter


Reunion Decorations, Centerpieces

Jenny Till-Schoewe


Reunion Publicity, Programs, Website

Bea Smith-Van Meter


Programming Artists, Musicians, Streaky

Mike Bailey


Facilities, Hotels, Police, Sandusky Register

Carol Young-Fosco


Food & Beverage

Annette Tomich-Riesterer


DJ , Audio

Jim Jackson


Firefighters' Children Shoe Fund

Karen Edwards-Rutger


Displays, Raffle, Give-Aways, Signage

Bea Smith-Van Meter



Judy Lewis-Corso


"Classic Blue & White" Koozie (donation)

Peggy Siegel-Batz


Nostalgic Blue/White Key Chains (donation)

Jim Seiler


Antique Toy Display, Reunion Bingo

Richard Gallagher


Columbus Avenue "Buzz the Ave" Banner (donation)

Kathy Silcox-Holmes


Friday's Dessert Chocolate Bar (donation)

Linda Streng-Howell


Washington Park Mound  (donation)

Mike Bailey, Kathy Silcox-Holmes, Judy Lewis-Corso


Photography & DVD Services (donation)

Carol Young-Fosco


Blue/White Cupcake Desserts (donation)

Jill Curtis-Shrock


Art and Design Services (donation)

Bea Smith-Van Meter


Patsy Cline Performance, Corvette for "Buzz"

Linda Streng-Howell


Wine, Time-Share for Raffle (donations)

Norm Weaver


Silver Vases, Keys, Candy, Table Runners (donations)

Jenny till-Schoewe



Volunteers for directory search, mailers, reunion set-up & clean-up, hospitality, check-in, raffle sales, speakers, give-aways, plus a multitude of other essential tasks!


Barbara Alexander-Huston, Ron Balconi, Darlene Dunkel-Salzeber, Dudley Ehrhardt, Shannon Eskridge, Billie Feltner-Johannsen, Tom forster, Nancy Furlong-Simon, Richard Gallagher, Pat Herold-Jensen, Cora Johnson-Wiggins, Velma Keaton-Price, Joanne Kilgore-Gerold, Roger Kleckner, Jeanne Kromer-Menefee, Rick Lange, Noel Larson, Tom Lazzara, Julie Lewis-Christiansen, Linda Lewis-James, Dianne Merkle-Meredith, Lynn Meyer, Barbara Miller-Cicalese, Paula Miller-Hoffman, Rosalie Nickester-Thomas, Patsy Nickle-Dehn, Jennifer Norris-Washington, Terry Parker, Pat Pavis-Hire, Carolyn Sarrica-Sieber, Dave Schoewe, Jim Seiler, Peggy Siegel-Batz, Sally Sletz-Benson, Linda Streng-Howell, Kathy Taylor-Sharpe, Theresa Traupman-Langthorne, Jean Unckrich-Puckrin, Dennis Walker, Norm Weaver, Jacke White-Day, Buck Wilson, Kathy Witter-Blake, Jack Zieber, Peggy Zimmerman-Lazzara, Phyllis Zlasney-Stimler (and any unsung heroes that have been inadvertently left off this list).




The biggest reason our reunion was such a great success is that so many classmates took 

"ownership" in its success!  

Heartfelt thanks goes to each and every one of you!

Lots and lots of Give-Aways

Friday and Saturday many classmates walked away with something special from the reunion events


 Friday night offered every classmate a commemorative "Classic" koozie,  and a blue and white key chain.  On Saturday everyone had an opportunity to get a commemorative caricature drawing of themselves during the evening, plus over 50 prizes were given away during the night from a drawing all classmates were automatically entered into.  Prizes included photography and notecards created by local artists of local scenes, including works by our own classmate, Roger Kleckner.  In addition there were blue flashdrives, Italian wine from the local Sortino label, award winning DVDs on the history of Cedar Point bands/music, books with a historical Sandusky theme, and gift certificates for some Toft's Dairy ice cream, Classmate, Larry Schlett, received a one-of-a-kind "Classic Blue and White" cap in recognition of his long time support of our class reunions and his display of loyalty through the use of an email address <>


The real winners are, of course, the children of the Sandusky area. 

 In ONE HOUR we raised $1900

that has now been donated to the Sandusky Fire Department for their Children's Shoe Fund in Honor of Classmate and Sandusky Firefighter, Robert Kowalk.

Class of 1965 50th Reunion Raffle Winners

Winner had "choice" of item in the order numbers drawn


First Place:  Jeffrey Pollack - Handmade OSU Quilt/Pillow case set


Second Place: Carolyn Sarrica-Zieber & Jack Zieber- Cabo Vacation (time share condo)


Third Place: Dianne Merkle-Meredith- OSU Autographed Football


Fourth Place: Dudley Ehrhardt - Cleveland Cavaliers Autographed BB


Fifth Place: Norm Weaver- OSU Autographed Mini-helmet & rookie cards


Sixth Place: Dave & Jenny Tilll-Schoewe- Jewelry


Seventh Place: Lynn Meyer - Limited Edition Cleveland Indians Lithograph


Eighth Place: Patty Francis-Coffman - Commerative Sandusky Schools Throw


Ninth Place: Lyle Wurzel - Antique Cedar Point Ferry Ornament


Tenth Place: Wade Tolleson - 4 set Star Trek Memorabilia (unopened)

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