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Life's Adventures

2/21/2020 Note: This page has NOT been recently updated.  Please share more current news at <>.  We'd love to hear from you!

Donna Auerbach-Slotnick

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The book is not only fascinating for those interested in criminal stories, but is a subtle peek into the life of our classmate, Donna Auerbach-Slotnick.  After we learned of the book's release, we contacted Donna about sharing the book on our website.  Naturally she is very proud of her husband and spoke of him as a devoted husband and loving father to their four children.  Currently living in Florida, she speaks of their many life adventures where they have become friends with presidents, foreign dignitaries and movie stars.  

Hopefully Donna will be able to attend this summer's COMBO Party.  Like so many of our classmates, all with many different types of life stories, we still value the importance of reconnecting with our Sandusky roots.



Hank and his wife Janet continue to travel the world!  Here are some photos from their December travels to ANTARCTICA!  The "Arctic Polar Plunge" is championed by our one and only "Henry".... oh how does he do it?!  He must share his story at our upcoming Reunion.  


"ALL HAIL THE BLUE AND WHITE...."  Hank ran into fellow SHS grad, Chris Panning Lakus (1970) on his very small cruise ship in Antarctica.  Guess it really is a "small world"!

After graduation, in 1965, several of our classmates entered the military. Classmate Dennis Walker has shared this picture of some of our hometown boys as they graduated from Navy training in San Diego, California.  That's far away from home and a long time ago, but just seeing a photo like this brings it all back and closer to our hearts.  We will never be able to thank all our veterans often enough for the service they gave to our country during such tumultuous times. As a class, though, we will continue to recognize their importance to us as representatives of the SHS Class of 1965.  Visit our "Veterans" page for more information. 

At many of our reunion events, classmate Jim Jackson entertains the crowd with his DJ services and rockin' music.  Today he takes the helm as the President of Sandusky's NAACP.  Jim is a Vietnam veteran and retiree of Delphi. He is also married to classmate, Marva.  

Severance Hall in Cleveland is regarded by many music lovers as one of the world's most wonderful performance centers. Founded in 1918, it took some of our classmates almost 100 years to visit the site!  But the occasion was pretty special as our classmate, Jackie White Day, was making her singing debut with the Cleveland Pops "Salute to our Armed Forces" concert.

Dan Houdeshell attended Ontario school through 5th grade, then traveled to Sycamore for 6th and joined all of us at Adams and Jackson.  Then he traveled again, this time to Huron to finish out his K-12 education. Then off he went into the Navy with his world travels setting a pattern of adventure that has lasted past his retirement in 2001.  Dan  hooked up on a consulting job with Boeing out in Seattle on and off for 5 years. From the spectacular  Northwest he traveled onto Melbourne, Australia, then to Antarctica for 2 years, followed by travels to Christchurch, New Zealand and Rarotonga (an island in the South Pacific).  Dan now travels "back to us" as he rekindles friendships from his early days as our classmate.  Dan and his wife joined us at our 65th Birthday Party in 2012

Please share your adventure


Tell us if you or a classmate has celebrated something special, traveled to an interesting place or been honored with a tribute.  Let's stay connected online. 

 please share info & photos <>

This past December we learned of a new book released by author, James Patterson, called "The Defense Lawyer".  Patterson long known as a master of make-believe, wrote this book acknowledging that "Truth can be stranger than Fiction".  It is based on the real-life story of Barry Slotnick, the New York City criminal defense attorney who achieved renown for securing acquittal after acquittal in some of very high profile cases, including Joe Columbo, John Gotti, the NYC Subway Vigilante and more.   Once called the best criminal lawyer in the country he's been described as smart, hard-working and low key, always knowing what he needed to do to win.

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