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Happy Birthday

The Class of '65 turns 65

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!
65th Birthday Party

65th Birthday Party

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While enjoying the memories of our 65th Birthday Party...don't forget we have another milestone party coming up in 2017 as we celebrate together turning 70.

Celebrating together

Our "distinquished" birthdays for oldest, youngest,and

closest (to 8/4/12) do the cake cutting honors!

Classmate, Rich Gallagher delighted our memories with a display of "antique" toys that didn't look so "antique" to us!  Ha!

One after another, we happlily learned how many of us shared birthday dates with other classmates.  "Birthday Buddies" was just another one of the events that marked our special birthday celebration.


A special thank you goes out to classmate, Jim Jackson, who provided great music the entire evening as our own personal DJ.  The Pastor giving our dinner blessing was none other than our own classmate, Rev. Terry Parker.  The wonderful toy display was shared by classmate, Richard Gallagher.    Donations were frequent and generous to help defray the costs of a party that kept on "getting bigger and better"!  Special thanks to donations from Carolann (Young) Fosco, Mike Bailey, Jenny (Till) & Dave Schoewe and Jean (Unkrich) Puckrin.  And the list goes on.... classmates from in-town and out-of-state alike chipped in to haul, decorate, set-up and take-down. It was fun working with old friends and making new friends in our class.

Thanks for all the feedback from the party!  Here's a sampling of emails classmates are sending in to us after the party.  We love the communication.  Keep it up with ideas, updated information, and just to stay connected!


...positive energy & total spirit! ...because of the drive & imagination everyone at the party can feel good about being 65!  ...much appreciation, THANK YOU!


...really know how to throw a party! Everyone had such a good time. It was wonderful!!


...wanted to attend but couldn't. The pictures look great and it looks like all had a great time! I'll get to the 50th anniversary reunion!


...thanking you for an awesome party.  GOD BLESS YOU!  Thanks from all of us! pulled it off again!!!  Thanks for a really fun night and bringing back the great

 memories and old friends.


...such a great evening.  BEST CLASS PARTY ever.  The committee did a great job!  Kudos!


...So sad I missed... all the festivities.  Send pics and info. We have a brand new grandaughter now!


...had a great time at the Birthday Party, Thanks for a great job!


...Great Party!  Great Job!  Even better than the 45th!


...that's what I call a birthday party.  Thanks for a great evening!


...thanks for helping me remember how much I like being a "Sandusky High School Blue Streak!"

Dudley Ehrhardt

Ron Balconi

Jim Lang

Mike Bailey

Carol Young Fosco

Jean Unckrich Puckrin

Jim Jackson

Marva Johnson Jackson

Tom Forster

Patty Pavia Hire

Merlin Kaufman

Peggy Siegel Batz

Roger Kleckner

Jenny Till Schoewe

Dave Schoewe

Paula Miller Hoffman

Frank Vaccaro

Jill Curtis Schrock

Judy Lewis Corso

Pat Herold Jensen

Dwain Smith

Marsha Miller Franco

Jennifer Norris Washington

Sue Ann Davis

Rick Lange

Sandy Elliott Keller

Cathy Gentry Platte

Billie Jean Feltner Johannsen

Nancy Furlong Simon

Joanne Kilgore Gerold

VelmaKeaton Price

Kitty Witter Blake

Randy Grenier

Karen Edwards Rutger

Darlene Dunkel Salzgeber

Noel Larson

Theresa Traupman Lanthorne

Dennis Walker

Linda Streng Howell

Larry Schlett

Jayne Weaver Bensick

Greg Gosser

Lois Stradtman King

Norm Weaver

Julie Lewis Christiansen

Lenny Snoble

Terry Parker

Carolyn Sarrica-Pierce

Rich Stark

Buck Wilson

Linda Lewis James

Jeanne Kromer Memefee

Danny Houdeshell

Bea Smith Van Meter

Jeff Pollach

Barney Leslie

John Hartung

Jackie White Day

Cora Johnson Williams

Jim Seiler

Tom Lazzara

Peggy Zimmerman Lazzara

Wade Tolleson

Jeanne Fuqua Palmer

Richard Gallagher

Rosalie Nickester Thomas

Barbara Miller Cicalese

Dianne Merkle Meredith

David Uhl

Look who came to the Birthday Party!

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