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Honoring those who have Served...

We are proud of our classmates who have served in the military and as members of public safety forces.  We honor their service and their sacrifices and are thankful to the men and women like them who still answer the call to protect and defend our country.

Special Recognition

Three of our classmates served our country but never had the opportunity to return home, start careers and families and grow older together with us.  Together they served in Vietnam with many of our other classmates.  These three made the ultimate sacrifice.  Charles, Robert and Alan died within four months of each other.  We will never forget.
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Charles Green

Corporal - United States Marine Corps - At age 21, Charles was a casualty on March 23, 1967 in Quang Nam, South Vietnam from small arms fire.  Body was recovered and returned home. 

Robert Reynolds

PFC-E2 - United States Marine Corps - At age 20, bob was a casualty on May 6, 1967 in Quang Nam, South Vietnam; Ground Casualty from explosive device.  Body was recovered and returned home.

alan stein

PFC-E2 - United States Marine Corps - At age 19, Alan was a casualty on June 21, 1967 in Quang Nam, South Vietnam from small arms fire.  Body was recovered and returned home.

SHS65 Video Library

SHS Class of 1965 Veterans Memorial Service - 2005

SHS Class of 1965 Veterans Memorial Service - 2005
SHS Class of 1965 Veterans Memorial Service - 2005

SHS Class of 1965 Veterans Memorial Service - 2005

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Have you or someone you know from our class served in the armed forces or have been a firefighter or police officer?  Please share information so that we can recognize as many of our classmates as is possible.  Photographs and stories are welcomed!  <>


In 2005 at our 40th Class Reunion, we'd obviously reached an age where looking back, taking an emotional survey of life's ups and downs, that we'd somehow come to a collective acknowledgment that the pain of the Vietnam era was a significant part of the fabric of our lives.  It also proved timely to give us the opportunity to openly share our support for our fellow classmates who had served in the military during those trying times and days beyond.  We also sought to give equal thanks to those classmates who have also kept us safe in their varied roles with police and fire departments.

Since then, at every Class of 1965 event and on a continuing basis on our class website, we have continued to highlight the appreciation our class has towards those classmates who have served our Nation and our communities so well.  

Dudley Ehrhardt - Ohio National Guard

Jim Eislestein - Ohio National Guard
1967-1977  - Captain, Company Commander of the Sandusky and Norwalk Units, Battalion Staff Officer in Toledo.

Bill Yeager - United States Marine Corps
1965-1967 - Corporal

Tom Lazzara - United States Air Force
1966-1970 - SSgt

Randy Grenier - United States Air Force
1966-1969- Served in Vietnam 1968-69; Sergeant

Harry W. Montgomery - Untied States Marine Corps  1966-1967
Served in Vietnam; E-4 Corporal

E. Eric Weiss - United States Army
1965-1967- Served in Vietnam

Rufe H. Maye -  United States Army
1966 - 1969 - Stationed at Ft. Lee, Virginia prior to being shipped overseas.  Served with the 509th Engineer Co. in Vietnam

David Steinberger - United States Navy

Dick Schweck - United States  Navy

Bob Pepitone - United States Navy

Bob Tobey - United States Navy

Fred (Bud) Baumler - United States Army 1967-1969 - SP5; crptographic techician; Served in German 67-68, Vietnam 68-69.  Awared Army Commendation Medal

John D. Biecheler - United States Army
1967-68 - Vietnam

Clay Slusher - United States Air Force
1965-1969 -  Weapons Specialist discharged rank of Staff Seargent after serving in England, Libya and Vietnam.

John Hartung - United States Navy
1968-1971 -Petty Officer 2nd Class (ATN-2).  Enlisted in the "buddy system" with SHS classmate, Tom Coyle. Air Crewman for anti-submarine Patrol Squadron 24 aboard a PC-C Orion aircraft. 

Dave Schoewe - United States Coast Guard  1968-1973 - Storekeeper 3rd class

Dwain Smith - United States Army; United  States Air Force  1965-1983 - 7  years in Army; 13 years in Air Force; E-9; chief Master Sergeant/1st Sgt.  Director/Training/First Sgt RED Morse Civil Engineering.

Barry Wilson - United States Navy
1966-1969  - Sergeant (E4) Vietnam 1966-67; Two years in Italy

David Uhl - United States Army
1966-1969 -  SSgt; Bronze star with V device

James M. Jackson - United States Army
1966-1969 - SP-4; Microwave repairman

Noel Larson - United States Air Force
1966-1969 - Non-Morse Intercept Operator; Lackland AFB, TX; Keesler AFB, MS; Goodfellow AFT, TX; 6921 Security Wing Misawa, Japan, Fort Devens, MA; Kelly AFB, TX.

JohnSteiert - United States Navy
Served as an Instructor at the Armed forces school of Music, NAB Little Creek, virginia.  As a Woodwinds instructor he taught Army, navy, and Marine corps musicians preparing them for deployment to US Force Bands and orchestras throughout the world.

Dan Bickley - United States Air Force  1966-1970 Jet Engine Mechanic specializing on T-56, J57, GTC and TF33 engines as well as T-56 propeller applications.  Member of 438th Military Airlift Wing, McGuire Air Force Base, New Jersey and 374 Tactical Air Wing, Naha Air Base, Okinawa.

Robert J. Kowalk - United States Marine Corps and Sandusky Fire Department
Served 2 years in Vietnam.  Following his discharge, he was a firefighter for the City of Sandusky for 25 years, retiring in 1995,  Deceased 2006.

Jim Lang - United States Navy; Police Departments - 1965-1969.  E-5 AME-2; Airdare.  After his miliary service service continyue in several area police departments.  Perkins 72-95; Put-in-Bay 97-2002; Erie Metro Parks 02-10; Sandusky Police Chief 10-12.

Jerry Lawrence, Chicago Police and Fire Departments - Chicago Police officer and Homicide Detective; investigator on the 1978 Gacy serial killer case.  Using his radio and televisions skills took over production of Chicago's Police departments media and television units.  Later joined the Chicago Fire Department, director of Media Relations and communications; Captain on Chicago fire boat.  Deceased 2010.

Earl Van Barg  -  United States Air Force

Charles Krumholtz - United States Navy 1966-2007  (Active Duty 4 1/2 years PT1 E-6. Reserve Component 36 1/2 years CAPTAIN 0-6)  All in the Intelligence Community.  Major Assignments:  Fleet Intelligence Centers Hawaii and Atlantic, USS Enterprise (CVAN-65), Commanding Officer Navy Reserve Intelligence Units in Detroit and Dayton.  Deputy Chief of Staff - Naval Reserve Intelligence Command, Ft. Worth, TX. 

Donald Wangler - United State Navy 1965 - 1968

Dennis Penn - United States Marines

Ken Howland - United States -

VanBarg, Earl.jpg
Krumholtz, Charles.jpg
Wangler, Donald.jpg
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Howland, Kenneth.jpg
Thuman Hummel - United States Navy
1965-1969 - AE2: Guam with the Typhoonb Trackers: Chu-Lai Vietname as reconnaissance ground support with the Super Connie (Willy Victor) aircraft.  Later VP-1 on Whidbey Island then Phillippines and cam Ehan Bay, Vietname: Gulf of Tonkin patrol in the p2-Va/c

Dennis H. Gilbert- United States Air Force
1965-1971 - Served in Vietnam

Thomas Coyle- United States Navy
1968-1971 - CTO-2(E5).  Enlisted together with classmate, John Hartung.  communications technician for US Naval Security Group, duty stations included USNSG Kamiseya, Japan and Philippines: crew member attached to VQ-1 flying reconnaissance from NAS Atsugi, japan (EC121 and EP-3B)

William "Sonny" Robinson - United States Navy

Harry "Leon" Kimberline - United States Marine Corps 1965-1969 - Combat Veteran serving 2 tours in Vietnam and Cuba.  Past Commander for AMVETS Post 17 and member of AMVETS Honor Guard.  Lifetime member of numerous veteran organizations.  Buried in the Ohio Veterans Home Cemetery, Sandusky

David A. Ebner - United States Army - Served in Vietnam:  Life member of AMVETS Post 17.  American Legion Post 83 and BFW Post 9908 on Kelleys Island.

Ronald S. Cooper - United States Army - Member of American Legion.  AMVETS and VFW where he was Past Commander.

Dennis Walker - United State Navy - 1965-1969 - Stationed at Ft. Lee, Virginia prior to being shipped overseas.  Served with the 509th Engineer Co. in Vietnam.

Charles (Chuck) Baum - United States Navy  1965-1968

Eldon Shuman - United States Army 1965-1978 - Cook & Supply Specialist in Japan, Vietnam, Korea, and Thailand

Terry Groot - United States Navy 1965-1968

Frank Vaccaro - United States Navy  1965-1968 

Dan Houdeshell - United States Navy  1965-1969 - Air Traffic Controller E-4 Texas naval Air Station/Advanced Jet Training Command.  After Navy spent 31 years with FAA as Controller in Cleveland area.  Dan graduated from Huron, but spend many years as our classmate and continues to be a loyal SHS alum.

Dennis Boger - United States Army  1966-1969 - SP/5 in the Army Finance Corp.

James Smith - United States Air Force  1970-1982 - Served in USAF and USAF reserve as a Second Lieutenant, Lietenant and Captain.  Air Force Logistics Command.

Greg Harris - United States Army  1970-1972 - Worked at Brooke General Hospital, Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas as a Pschology Specialist.

Richard Gallager - United States Army  1965-1969 - E5: Served in Vietnam as a Transportation Management Specialist

Carolyn Sarrica Pierce Zieber - United States Air Force 1965-1967 - Occupational Therapy Techician at Keesler AFB MS, Willard Hall Hospital working with troops returning from Vietnam.  Completed O.T. degree with GI Bill..


Jeffrey Pollack - United States Navy
1965-1969 -  Oran LST in the Mediterranean and Caribbean; 3rd Class

Merlin Kaufman - United States Navy
1965-1986 - E6

Lenny Snoble - National Guard
1965-1971 - E4

Bender Scott - United States Marine Corps 1966-1967 - Served in two consecutive tours of duty in Vietnam

Richard H. Stark - United States Army
1966-1969 -  Surface to Air Missile Technician; Giebelstadt, Germany

Alan Lonz - United States Marine Corps -VMFA 314 "Black Knights" fighter squadron in Chulai Vietname 69-70.  Sgt. with F-4Marine Fighter/Attack Unit at Fighertown RVN.  Alan is currently a Veterans Advocate for the Ohio Veterans Home; volunteer at OVH and is active as an officer, commander/president of the following: Ohio Veterans Home Vounteer Advosry Committee, Sandusky Memorial Day Parade Committee; Sandusky Veterans Park Committee.  President of local VVA #774.  Active with Catholic War Veterans USA, OVH Post #1905; Marine Corps League Detachment #1192; Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter #774.

Robert Bixler, CWO-3 United States Navy - Chief Warrant Officer-3; Photographers mate: Atlantic Fleet Audio Visual Command/Combat Camera; Commissioned Warrant Officers; Photo/Media USS mt. Whitney (2nd Fleet Flagship), Officer-in _Charge (8 East Coast Photo Facilities), Tactical Air Recon Photographic Officer VF-84 (F-14 Squadron)  Proudly served 23 years.

Gary Welschenbach, Major - United States Air Force -  69-89 -Supply/logistics officer at unit leel through Headquarters Command Positions.  Stationed on Long Island, Panama, Korea, Virginia, Korea & Virginia.  

Barbara Lehrer-Herbrant - United States Marine Corps

Larry Weller - United States Army serving three tours in Vietnam


David Hartley - United  States Navy  1966-1986 - United States Navy Nuclear Power School; USS JOHN F KENNEDY CVA-67; USS SARATOGA CVA-60; COASTAL RIVER BOAT DIVISION 22 (Brown Water Navy).  Tranferred to Naval Intelligence Unity, Rodman Naval Base, Panama.

Greg Gosser - United States Coast Guard serving  5 1/2 years

Michael Eckhardt - United States Army
serving in Vietnam

Niles Fuller - United States Navy 1966-69

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