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Deceased Members SHS 1965 - Recent Notices

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Our sympathy goes out to the family and friends of our classmate, Jill

Curtis, Jill.jpg

Nov. 30, 1947 - May 12, 2023

Jill Curtis-Shrock passed away on Friday, May 12, 2023.  Jill had courageously fought cancer for several years, but always maintained her great sense of humor and beautiful smile.  She was a great gal, often attending many of our class reunions and SHS Class of '65 Gals Luncheons.  She owned Jill's Bakery in Marbelhead and would delight us with her many delicious baked goods, especially her homemade pies!  

Jill is survived by her husband, Dave, her daughter, son, granddaughter and other relatives.  Graveside servcies were held Tuesday May 23 at Sackett Cemetery, Danbury Township.  She rests in peace now, with no more pain and suffering.  Our thoughts, prayers and sympathy are with Jill's family, friends, and classmates.


Our sympathy goes out to the family and friends of our classmate, Carl

Trimarche, Carl (2).jpg

April 14, 1946 - March 29, 2023

Carl J. Trimarche passed away Wednesday, March 29, 2023 in Fort Meyers Beach, Florida.  He was born to the late Carl and Rosetta (Claubaugh) Trimarche.  He proudly serviced his country in the U.S. National Guard and was a member of the Sandusky Police Department for several years.  Carl worked in Michigan as a Human Resource Manager at Western Foundry.  In Texas, he worked for Creative Risk Management Corp. as a Senior Vice President of Operations from 1982-1988.  He then worked in Folsom, California for Cambridge Integrated Service Groups as a Senior Vice President from 1988 until he retired in 2005.  After retirement, he was owner of Rembrandt Digital Videogrpher, Sandusky.  Carl used his digital talents many times helping our Class of '65 produce reunion materials.

Carl is survived by his son, Tadd (Suzan), daughter, Kimberly Sullivan (Frian), plus grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Memorial Services were held May 6, 2023 at Meadow Green Memorial Park, Huron.  Those wishing to contribute to Carl's membory may do so to the Humane Society of Erie County.


Our sympathy goes out to the family and friends of our classmate, Bob

Tobey, Robert.jpg

December 12, 1947 - Spring 2023

Recently this Spring, we were notified that our classmate, Bob Tobey, had passed away.  Regretfully we do not have any specific information as we learned of his passing through a mention on a Facebook posting.

While we lack recent details, many of us still have memories of Bob as a member of our Class of 1965.  We hope that he may rest in peace and know that he is remembered as a classmate.


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Brenda (Stovall) Abrams-Parker
Beverly Alexander-Wiley
Patrica Amerine
Rodger Atkison
Charles Baum
Patricia Bennett
John D. Biecheler
Paul Barnum
Jim Brown
Norman Bolyard
Denny Boger
Chester Burkey
Susan Brown Elliott
Mary Bryner
David Buehrle
Tim Callan
Cathy Canby-Wellman
Daneen Carris White
Sue Clark-Miller
Candy Close
Craig Close
Marianne Cole
Ronald S. Cooper
Marla Crecelius Faulkner
Joseph Cross
Jill Curtis-Shrock
Julius Pete Davis
Patrick Dolan
Terry Dunlap
Darlene Dunkle Salzgeber 
Caren Dewey Kaufman
Marsha Dewey Dietenbach
David A. Ebner
Michael Eckhardt
Elaine Faulkner Esposito
Virgil Ewers
Robert Febbo
Richard Frissell
Niles Fuller
Sarah Geary Bressler
Ronald Gerold
Dennis 'Denny' Gilbert
David Golden
Janet Golden
Brenda Graham
Charles Green
Robert Gundlach
Joyce Hampton-Scherf
James Hammon
John Harmon
Nancy Harp-Lemmon
James H. Harris
Christine Hartlieb Smith
Linda Hartung Tobey
Dennis King
Lynda Hoelzer King
Lannie Howell
Richard Hummel
Nelson Hunt
Joanne Kilgore-Gerold
Mike Hartwig
Terrence Karbler
Karen Krawetzki Schoewe
Joyce Knighton-Jackson
Charles Johnson
Michael Johnson
Diane Kaufman White
Harry "Leon" Kimberlin
Louis Klein
Bonnie S. Koehler Saleski
Laura Koehler Kubitz
Robert Kowalk
Lowell Kriss
Michael LaGrass
Jerry Lawrence
Barbara Lay Tajkowski
Barbara Lehrer-Hebrank
Linda Lewis-James
Diana Lipp
Larry Livengood
Karen Market
Vicki Matter-Simpkins
Halvin Mayfield
Glenn Maus
Faye Mickens-Maston
Maureen McRobbie-Johnson
Dan Neese
Patricia (Patsy) Nickle-Dehn
Gary Seavers
William Sharp
David Smith
Dwain Smith
Geraldine Smith-Mischler
Doris Nearhood Snyder
Ann L. Stein-Hart
Thomas Pappas
E. Frances Pearson
Robert Pepitone
Charlotte Peterson-Harkelroad
Richard Pfleiderer
Hildegard Peterman
Charlotte Peterson Harkleroad
Donald Pitcher
Shermane Potter
Robert Quick
Thomas Randall
Robert Reynolds
Ronald Riesterer
Donna Roth-Mazza/Steiert
Wallace "Sonny" Robinson
Cheryl Rushing Costello
Gloria Russell Wood
Robert Scally
Warren Schmidt
Bender Scott
Gary Seavers
Nancy Sheeler-Davlin
T. Clayton Slusher
Charles Speakman
Alan Stein
David Steinberger
Gary Thompson
Robert Tobey
Carol Toney Collier
Carl Trimarche
Robert Twardzik
Enrico Vaccaro
Earl Van Barg
Diane Wadsworth Roe
Carolyn Walters-Dietenbeck
Don Wangler
Larry Weller
Steven Wiegand
Mark Wilkins
George Williams
Patti Wobser Grega
Patricia Wonder Bahnsen
Jack Zieber

We are bound by the traditions of the past and our respect and honor for our life's adventures since high school.

Our website offers special thanks to all of our '65 classmates who continue to share information about our other classmates.

If you find any omissions or errors please let us know at

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