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Where are these classmates?

WE NEED YOUR HELP!  After our 50th Reunion we had "found" more than 90% of all our classmates contact information.  Since then people have moved, emails have changed, etc.  We now have a LONG list of persons we cannot contact about class events due to failed email addresses and returned home addresses.  We can no longer afford mailing costs to all of our classmates knowing they may not reach the proper designation, but we do want to bring them into our communication loop.  

IF YOU KNOW OF ANYONE ON THIS LIST and believe they would want to receive class communications... please reach out to them!

our website address <>
our class email <>

Adams-Stark, Janet

Alexander-Sparks, Deborah

Andrews-Meyers, Kathleen

Arnold-Karwaski, Marilyn

Bahnsen, Carl

Bahnsen, Don

Baker, Mary

Barbour, Keith

Barrett, Clayton

Bartholomew, Alan

Barton-Garrett Juana

Beamer, Bob

Bertschi, Mark

Biddle, Art

Bishop-Weatherspoon, Rose

Bogart, Jean

Boulis, Duane

Brecht, Dennis

Brumage, Deborah

Burns, Thomas (Tim)

Butler, Janice

Carson, Roberta

Cosby, Charlotte

Cullen, Ruth

Davis-Jones, Carrie

Dawes, David

Dubach, Linda

Dudzik, David

Edwards, Betty

Ellis-Lewis, Sandy

Gadd, Karen 

Garnett-Parke, Wanda

Gast-Becker, Linda

Gastier-Vrotney, Margaret

Gerber, Tom

Gibbs, Bertha

Gibson-Romay, Pat

Grahl, Charles

Gray, Jerry

Groot, Terry

Harpst-Berkowitz, Mary Jane

Harris, James R.

Hill, Jim

Hoch-Proy, Linda

Horton-Flynn, Cindy

Houseman, Mary

Hughs-Nickles, Diane

Jacoby, William

Johnson-Brown, Gloria

Johnson, John

Jolm, Joseph

Kammer, Scott

Landoll, Tom

Lauro, Ronald D.

Ledyard, Constance

Lee, Robert

Lichtle, Harold

Lilji, Ken

Lilji, Paul

Lippert-Hamm, Carol

Lutz-King, Pat

Maye, Rufe

Maynard, Jerry

McCormick-Spaide, Karen

Meachum-Robinson, Mary Jane

Meyers-Niggemyer, Carol

Miller, Bob

Moncini, Mike

Morton, Jennings W.

Mowry, Joan

Null-Johnson, Marjorie

Olemacher-Gilbert, Susan

Olsen, Mike

Olson, Susan

Packman, Richard

Peless, James

Pheiffer, Charles

Philpot, Nathan

Platte-Hartman, Charlene

Polta-Ebner, Martha

Prochnow, Larry

Ray, Bill

Reed, Charles

Sartor, Dennis

Saxer, David

Schmidt, Bob

Schmidt, Tom

Schmieder-Johnson, Sandy

Schultz, Rick

Seavers, Donald

Seville-Heino, Joyce

Shissler-Nowlan Burns, JoAnn

Shuman, Eldon (Butch)

Smith-Prime, Elizabeth. Ann

Szekely-Kinsel, Rosemary

Thomas, Melvin

Thompson, Judy

Tigil, Serpil

Todd, E. Ann

Trobridge-Ekleberry-Krasowki, Victoria

Twitty-Molnar, Barb

Vaccaro-Custard, Mary

Watson-Smith, Charlene

Weaver-Hensley, Jane

Webster, Bill

Wright-Gast, Faye

Yost, John

While you're checking for up-to-date information, could you please check our "Class Directory" for current contact information.  Our Class is unique in that we have such a large, active Directory...and that is thanks to the many classmates contributing information!  Share information at <>

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